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modernkicks1977's Journal

8 September 1986
My house in the country.
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One time my faggot friend Germy told me that if for some reason gg allin and paris hilton had a child, it would be me. It's gotta be true, cause gay men don't tell lies.
101'ers, 11th street kids, alkaline trio, amanda lepore, androgyny, animal rescue, animal shelters, bars, bay city rollers, cats, changing my haircolor, cheap trick, chinese telephones, cigarettes, clit 45, cobra starship, cockney rebel, cocksparrer forever and always, coloring hair, copeland, cute rockers, dance parties, david bowie, dead end kids forever, decadence, dogs d'amour, drinking rum, drunken cell phone usage, edie sedgwick, electric chairs, ex-hearts, faggots, fall out boy, faster pussycat, forgotten rebels, fostering animals, fucking cool ass motherfuckers, gary glitter, gg allin, ghost hunting, glam, gogol bordello, gram parsons, grandpaboy, guitar gangsters, gym class heroes, hanoi rocks, hellogoodbye, holding hands, jayne county, joan jett, john waters, josie cotton, junkie guitarists, katy perry, less than jake, libertines, listening to hanoi rocks, making out, making people smile, manic depression, marc bolan, mars bar, michael monroe, midnight creeps, molly's jokes, mott the hoople, mullets, my dog jetboy, newtown neurotics, no kill shelters, not doing drugs, not wearing pants(ever), old 97's, one hit wonders, orange soda, otis redding, oxymoron, paul westerberg, pointy toe shoes, poison sing alongs, pulp, punk rock girls, r.i.p. razzle, rancid, regretable tattoos, replacements, rhett miller, rhett millers hip shakin, riverboat gamblers, rocky horror picture show, rolling stones, seditionaries, self-destruction, senior cats, sex and the city, skinhead rock and roll, skrewdriver, slade, slaughter and the dogs, sleeping pills, sparks all the time, squad five-0, stiffs, stiv bators, street brats, styling hair, t.rex, tattoos, taylor hollingsworth, the adicts, the adverts, the alarm, the clash, the darkness, the dogs, the dogs d'amour, the dogs damour, the english beat, the havoc, the heartattacks, the joneses, the only ones, the pogues, the replacements, the riffs, the runaways, the saints, the sounds, the sweet, tom waits, tyla, velvet goldmine, vicous rumours, vinyl, vinyl records, violent society, vodka, warped tour, wayne county, wayne's world, wisconsin, wwii propaganda, you dont even knaw, zach the cuntry wonder, ziggy stardust, zolar x