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my left sleeve, some legs, feet, etc.. [14 May 2009|10:46pm]
A look at a LOT of my tattoosCollapse )
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[06 Apr 2009|10:01pm]

I drove down to the city today to rescue a 4 year old pitbull named mercedes whose 90 year old mom died today.
Her daughter was going to get mercedes put down tonight so I immediately went down and picked her up!

She's a brindle chubby girl with white markings on her face and paws. Totally loveable and is great with men, women, children...and possibly cats! She was even scratched by one of my cats on her eyeball and didn't make a growl or a move! Unfortunately, she did get growly when I was paying attention to my chihuahua rather than her...so I'm thinking she would do best in a home without dogs or a home where she could be seperated from other dogs. She's currently watching anthony bourdain with me on her blankie....

She is set to be relinquished to Save A Pet (no kill shelter) in 3 weeks when they have room for her to come in. If you have interest in her at all, get back to me here or on my cell 847-361-6895 ....I don't know a whole lot about her but she immediately took a liking to both me and my dad and she is fixed and has all of her shots.
I have her paper records as well as the information for her vet so that you could have them fax all of her info to your vet if you decide to give her a home!

Love a pitbull today <3 I'd keep her if I could afford another animal but I'm up to 8 in my house and not only is that illegal in my county but I spend at least half of my money feeding the animals I have now!!
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[02 Oct 2008|03:08pm]
please please please vote for save a pet. just click the link, it takes like 2 seconds and it could make all my animals a lotttt of moneys! they deserve it..i'm serious, take that time out of your day to support an absolute no kill shelter that gives all animals a chance at a great life.

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Give my boo a home? [14 Feb 2008|07:17am]
His name is growltiger and he's currently my favorite cat. I'd bring him home but he's gonna need to be in an environment without my puppy who would constantly stalk him and lick his face off. He's amazing...he sticks his tongue out all the time and drools a lot and walks like he's drunk. love it...!and now a word from the kitty himself...

Save-A-Pet found me behind the dumpster right before the big snow storm hit. I slept for almost 2 days after they found me because I was so tired and cold. Everyone was so nice to me when I woke up. When they took me out, they all laughed and said I walked like a drunken sailor. I went to the vet a few days later and save-a-pet discovered that I was blind and I might have a brain tumor. I love people and I need a foster home that can keep me safe.


*Fostering a cat only costs 25 dollars and that means that my shelter takes care of all vet bills, and even food and litter if you need it! Do something good for the world...!
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courtesy of nicole v.! [08 Sep 2005|04:48pm]
i miss....

sour home chicago..
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hows this for an explaination [18 Jan 2005|10:33pm]
What’s it like...
To laugh
For your face to turn red
Because you're so out of breath

Tell me...what it's like

To fall asleep in someone's arms
And then wake up in them, still safe from harm

Tell me, what's it like
To be full of rage
To act uncontrollably
To have others wonder if you're okay

And tell me, what's it like
To fall in love
To be engulfed by something
So unreal

But most of all, tell me
What's it like to cry
To know that with every drop
A little piece of you dies
To have hot acid roll down your cheeks
Unveiling your emotions to the world

Really? It must be nice, to feel those things
You see, I ask you this because
Not long ago, when I was just a girl
I lost the ability to feel
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FAKE IT LIKE YOU MATTER. we know the truth. ps.you know nothing about richard [30 Sep 2004|05:05pm]
haha it is so funny when karma comes back to get people. you deserve everything that you get.

im having the time of my life, i could not ask for more. except maybe for dramarama not to give me bronchitis, bronchitis.

i was gonna go to la this weekend to see the dolls and the rebels but i decided to stay with franny instead. know why?
because she's one girl in this lame/overdone/popularized scene who knew about this shit for more than a year. my go-gos dancing partner. my poison sing along partner. the only other girl in the world who goes record shopping with me and looks for hours for 1 lp that we will still never, ever find. someone who will openly admit to hating a band even though everyone else thinks they're cool, who will call themselves a retard because she didn't know come on feel the noise isn't originally done by quiet riot(haha franny we should quiz girls on that, they'd never ever know and i'm not tellin em), the girl who gets another mohawk when everyone else starts teasing their hair(don't worry they don't do it right anyway), the girl who will let me read her excerpts from a book about jayne county that i think are the coolest things in the world(no one else would think it was cool too, only you)
....all in all, franny you're the fucking best. my partner in crime. my andy mccoy to michael monroe, my bobby dall to c.c. deville...i just wanna make you smile and let you know that you're the poo. and this doesn't mean that i think motley crue is cool now or anything because i don't. haha i can't wait to see you lovey!
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[16 Jun 2004|04:19am]
i missed may 27. how could i have forgotten? shows what i really find important anymore. what am i doing
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[28 Oct 2003|03:52pm]
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